The project designed by the German architect Jürgen Mayer, known locally as “The Mushrooms of Seville” due to its shape similar to a set of mushrooms, is the largest wooden structure in the world. However, this record is the result of a coincidence, since it was initially conceived as a metallic structure. Technical problems that arose during its construction made it necessary to replace this material with laminated birch wood from Finland.

Metropol Parasol is built on the “Antiquarium”, an underground Archaeological Museum that houses Roman ruins of great historical value. On the ground floor, at street level, there is a food market, bars, restaurants and public toilets. Stairs lead to an elevated plaza where young people often practice skating and skateboarding and, from Friday to Sunday and holidays, it is possible to take the elevator up to the viewpoint and the bar at the top of the structure.

The views of the city from the viewpoint, which is almost 30 meters high, are impressive. Along its 250-meter route, you can see the tallest domes and towers in Seville, such as the Church of the Annunciation, San Luis de los Franceses, the Giralda, the tower of the pellets, Torre Sevilla, the mast from the Alamillo bridge and many more.

Antiquarium Seville

The Antiquarium is an Archaeological Museum built under the Metropol Parasol, below street level, delimited by a 5,000 m2 glass box, distributed in three different areas:

The archaeological walk, of about 550 m2, made up of walkways from which the visitor can “fly over” the archaeological remains before entering the Museum.

The Archaeological Room, 3,300 m2, which contains the remains of a salting factory from the 1st century, Roman houses and streets from the 2nd to 6th centuries, the Casa Almohade de la Noria from the 12th and 13th centuries and other elements found at the site, such as mosaics, fountains, ovens, oil lamps…

The Multipurpose Zone, of 1,000 m2, an independent space available for the celebration of cultural events.

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