Accommodation near Ginemed in Seville

Ginemed assisted reproduction clinic in Seville

Our tourist apartment is located just two minutes away from the Ginemed center on Avenida República Argentina in Seville, between the Triana and Los Remedios neighborhoods.

Ginemed is an assisted reproduction clinic of recognized international prestige. Its founders are two brothers, Doctors Pascual and Fernando Sánchez Martín, who opened the brand’s first center in 1996. Today, almost twenty-five years later, they have ten centers spread throughout the Spanish geography and in Portugal.

At Ginemed, they are experts in artificial insemination treatments, in vitro fertilization (IVF), egg donation, double donation, ROPA method, embryodonation and preservation of fertility, and they have specific programs for maternity and advanced age, implantation failures, abortions of repetition and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), among others.

Since its inception, more than 300 women from all over the world have placed their trust in its team of professionals to make their family project come true. We know it because some of these families have found their accommodation near Ginemed in Seville with us. These are foreign families looking for a nearby place to rest with all the comforts and at a very reasonable price. These families share their great illusion with us and remain in contact with us even months after their departure to their places of origin.

The entrepreneurial, innovative and professional work of the founders of Ginemed at the service of reproductive and women’s health has recently been recognized by the Seville City Council, which has awarded them the well-deserved Medal of the City, awarded on the feast of San Fernando, on May 30, 2021.

From RAL5021, we want to congratulate doctors Fernando and Pascual, two great professionals and entrepreneurs who, together with their great human team, make our city an unforgettable and loved place for families from all over the world, contributing to our ancient city of Seville prestige and wealth.


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160 m / 2 min

If you have to visit Ginemed on Avenida República Argentina in Seville, we encourage you to stay at RAL5021, our tourist apartment located in Triana, a few meters from the clinic.